There was a time in this area, when a man's word was his
bond. These day's, it seems that no one's word means anything. I still
have pride in my word. I'm glad that people know that when I tell them
something, they know that that's the way it will be. PLEASE folks, keep
your word. It's your everything. Today's Contractors tell you one thing,
and do something else. They need to remember, that word of mouth is
still the best and most free advertisement you can get. And we will tell
others how you treated us, and about the work you did. Thank you.  

Recent Flooding-The Good and The Bad
I would like to take the time to thank the Coast Guard for
their swift and caring way of the handling of the recent Coon Island
evacuation.  Hats off to these guys. They made us feel safe and secure in
what was a real horrifying situation. I would like to offer an EXTREME
THANK YOU to Tim Cassinger and his wife of Coon Island who with his
tractors got us to safety.  It is people like the Coast Guard and Tim and
his wife that renew my faith in mankind and that there are people who
really care about others.I have taken the cue from these people and now
I have offered my help to others in need.
Now for the bad side. I would like to know why we were told by
Butler County that we were safe and there would be no reason for us to
evacuate.  If they would just tell the truth, then maybe situations like
this would not have to be handled at the "last minute".  They were not
seeing what we were seeing which was rapidly rising waters. I do not
think the county as a whole handled the flood situation in any area in a
satisfactory way. No one could answer any questions except with "I don't
know"  I think the voters of Butler County need to think about this
when the elections come around and vote in people who have a brain on
their shoulders. I realize this may be an isolated event but what if we
had a major earthquake, would we get the same answers? Think about it.
The Opposite to What Roy Masters says is whats he,s up to. The problems Roys Listeners are experiencing
are being caused by Roy Masters AND THE Evil demon that controls Roy Masters. The solution ,Cult leader
Roy Masters is promoting, is to practice the meditation exercise. Once you do that a piece of the demons
consciousness is put in your,s. It then can look through your eyes and see who is good and who to hurt. Or
who would stand in the way of evil and make a difference. It then tells you who to hurt or what to make them
do. This is the key,the essence of the  person, subconsciousness then decides to go along with it or not. They
have to have a choice or else it would just be the demon
doing all these things. That would defeat the purpose of having mediators,a buffer between that person and
the demon,so that person is to blame once if there ever found out. The essence of this person,s
consciousness is either willing or not willing to go along with it. Thats why you never talk to Cult Leader
Roy Masters ,Your inviting evil into your life and community. It then causes you problems, the only way out
i it wants you to take is the meditation exercise.
Cult Leader Roy Masters leaves his body and kills people this is the secret he doesn't  want anyone to know.
He can also leave his and take control of peoples consciousness making them do anything ,Especially
commit criminal acts .He used to just kill people ,With no apparent cause of death ,The next day their found
dead. But that started becoming suspicious so he now kills them with a heart attack or even takes control of
you when your driving making you have a deadly car accident .He can even set up some serious mishap to
kill you. Cult Leader Roy Masters was the first to have the essence of his consciousness replaced with evil
.This happened to him before he was even six years old . By the time he was fourteen he was converted
enough to evil to go and see this demon that did this to him. This is when he
started leaving his body and killing people.
Cult Leader Roy Masters gets all his power from this demon , without this demon Roy Masters would be
powerless. Roy Masters can leave his body and see who is connected to who , or
who knows who , so if he wants to destroy someone , he,ll manipulate
things to meet that person ,Then put something evil in that persons consciousness to
make then do anything he desires to destroy them. There,s only a few other mediators that know about this
demon. The mediators are a buffer to protect this demon should anyone find
out the source of their evil. The mediators have no idea about this demon
that has replaced their consciousness. They don,t know why their in
Grants Pass. It operates through them it .It likes to remain hidden in the background
thats how it operates.
The meditation he teaches is a trick to get people to give up their essence of their consciousness. They  lost
everything then .The evil then looks through their consciousness .Thats why their so sad after this evil is
born again in them. Their now just an extension of the demon .They also leave their bodies and make
everyone else look bad like their  doing something wrong in their life and the mediators are the pillar of
society. The fear you feel listening to Roy Masters or trying his meditation is
your consciousness warning you that its in danger. This demon has the entire life of the mediator mapped
out for them what they,ll do and when they,ll die
Anyone whose a threat to the foundation of human understanding is a  target .The demon through Roy
Masters will make them do something bad to destroy their lives ,So nobody will listen to them. This often
happening to them without them even knowing why,that there a threat to the demon.
Roy Masters is always bragging ,On his show, how he likes to give people two years for them to straighten up.
What he,s really saying is he waits to years before leaving his body and killing them. This way theres no
computer record of him ever talking to that person. He knows he,s being watched.  Roy Masters is always
getting people to talk to him don,t. Once you talk to him your really talking to the demon that controls him.
Then it can start messing with your consciousness. Making you have compulsive
problems,medical problems (at the most inappropriate time ),make bad business decisions and mistake to
ruin your life. This is how it works ,Its your fault for talking to them.In the evil,s eyes.
Roy Masters has followers in the FBI they also leave their bodies an know of any impending investigation
into The Foundation Of Human Understanding and Cult Leader Roy Masters. They take control of the
investigation and make sure it leads nowhere .They can put thoughts in the FBI agents heads and control
them. They can make FBI agents make obvious mistakes to get them fired   Roy Masters likes to go after FBI
agents children making them think and become homosexuals and develop other problems.
Right at key moments Roy Masters can make you make a mistake. He does this by leaving his body. He can
make you do or say something to destroy your life .He can even put the thought in your mind so you think it
originated in you. This is so you don,t go looking for the cause.
Roy Masters leaves his body and travels at a conscious level attacking  people,s consciousness and killing
them. No one that goes to Roy Masters seminars are possessed by demons. This is just a big act Roy and the
demon that controls him put on .They take control of a persons nervous system and consciousness making
them growl like their possessed and crawl around on the floor like their afraid of his cross.  If Roy Masters
cannot get you he,ll go after your children or relatives in another city or state. He can leave his body and see
who your related to .He ca kill them or set up an accident or have them be a victim of
a crime.
Roy masters can see who your connected to so he,ll go out of his way to be nice to you so either you,ll say
nice things to someone you know or to destroy someone your connected to. He leaves his body and can see
everything. It,s Roy Masters and the demon that controls him doing these things to
the people of Grants Pass and Eugene Oregon and southern Oregon .The
demon operates through the mediators,so when you go looking to find who
did this you only find a person.,If their caught,their a buffer to
protect the evil. This is how evil operates to protect itself so it won,t be found out. At key moments Cult
Leader Roy Masters can inject sentences or phrases into your conversations to make you look bad.
Roy Masters wants to ruin all the original towns people of Grants Pass so that they cannot fight back against
him. He wants to replace them with creepy cult member . He screws with their
consciousness,making a mess of their lives so that every day is a
struggle. So that they can go on. Roy Masters claims it a noble cause to go and fight in Iraq. But he,s
leaving his body and making sure the best of American soldiers are killed over there.
The opposite to what Roy Masters says on his radio program is what he,s up to he wants to destroy America.
The evil that controls him and came over from Britain with him only came to destroy America.
This evil is always with him .It travels through the darkness. That,s how it gets around. And hurts people.
Causing them heart attacks ,Pain and suffering. Any problem you could imagine making peoples life
a personal hell . Roy Masters has destroyed many lives even Hollywood stars. He Will leave
his body and take control of their consciousness making them spew out racist comments about Jews or
Blacks. Or even get caught up in drugs and alcohol leading to their arrest and subsequent end of their
careers. Thats why you should never talk to Roy Masters.
Roy Masters gives excuses on his radio program for events you know
then that he was behind that which has happened. For example he claimed
once that police officers commit suicide with their guns because the evil
that they fight got in them and cause them to do it. Mean while he,s
taken control of the police officer and made him commit suicide with his
gun and took control of them putting something in them to make them
commit criminal acts. Making appear like criminals the real person inside not
being able to explain why this happened to him or fight it.
Cult leader Roy Masters hides behind a mask of Christianity , he,s not
really a christian.In the end his meditation exercise has nothing to
do With Christianity , it just puts a piece of th demons consciousness inside
yours .Roy Masters is always calling his followers stupid , its like a bad
person calling you stupid because you won,t do something they want you to
do. This something they want you to do will probably harm you. Of course if you
don,t what Roy Masters wants your no longer stupid. This being his
meditation exercise. Once you practice this and your successful in going to this other place
in your head ,And have a piece of the demons consciousness put in
yours,thats the end of you, now it really too late. Yes before its too late , that
being he,s found out to be a complete liar .Once people have this piece
of the demons consciousness in their consciousness they cannot complain or do the
demon ,That they are not aware of, any harm.
Roy Masters likes leave his body and attack the inner person ,Your
soul,the next day you wake up feeling sore all over,your first though is
to blame someone else for this,routine everyday activities become a chore,you
don,t want to work or go to school,you nearly give up. Thats what he
wants. This often leads to suicide.  Roy Masters gets all of his power from this demon,without this demon
Roy Masters is a powerless nothing. Roy Masters and his followers can take control of you and make you or
your loved ones have a deadly car accident. You only need to know its Roy Masters and his followers causing
this problem ,Then it goes back on them. At a level your consciousness is on ,The rules are different,if FHU
cult members do something to you and you find out its them doing it,what
they did goes back on them. Thats the rule Cult Leader Roy Masters keeps from
his followers,or else they wouldn't harm anyone.
Thats why the demon operates through Roy Masters and his followers,once
their found out, their cut off from the demon ,Usually eventually
killed or commit suicide. Once you talk to Roy Masters ,Your caught in his trap,at the
conscious level thats another rule,he,ll even manipulate things to talk to you. Thats the perfect front and
Christian mask, its almost impossible to go against,this front of helping Americans ,As he says on his Advice
line,its the opposite of what he,s up to. Taking on America',s problems , as a trick to
get people to practice his meditation. So he can hide behind this mankind not
be suspect. Whenever Cult Leader Roy Masters does something to me , the same
thing happens right back to him. Thats why he gets his followers to do
things to me;he then has to kill then to prevent it from coming back on
him. He only transfers this power temporarily to the follower. All the other
hard core mediators,in and around Grants Pass know this,when they leave their bodies they
avoid me like the plague;they know whats going to happen to that
mediator.  He neglects to tell the followers that the same thing would happen to
them. Now its come to my attention,that one of his followers is being
groomed to exclusively attack me.I guarantee this follower will not know
that the same thing will happen right back to them. Roy Masters has something he won,t
share with his followers.
Obama for new president
comments = last night on the republican convention i under stand that Obama
don't like special or needy children. Is this the kind of man that every body
wants to have as a president. It seems to me he don't have anything else to offer
the American people ,But talk bad about our children and not what he can do for
the needs of this country, I'm a hard working man and i see there are more
things to worry about,all he wants to do is to slam special and needy children in
this president race. He needs to look around a little more. Our children are the
future of our country,hes not the only man thats going to be a president,a 4 year
term comes around very fast. That's if he makes it . Because after that little
saying i think he needs to give up for running for president.
                   City ordnances

Why does the city have ordinances they do not enforce?  The neighborhood looks
like a dump and when you try to get the Code men to look at it they just drive by
and never get out of their cars to inspect the mess in the back yards.  Even the
city council members are quick to tell me they can't get the code people off their
backsides long enough to respond to complaints from citizens.  If the city can't get
their employees to do their jobs, then  someone with some back bone should fire
them.   This is a disgrace in south PB with all the trash and junk piles, old sheds
falling in and garbage on the ground.
AIG should not have been able to pass out all of those bonuses when the money
was given to bail them out of debt. This is totally wrong, but there is nothing
anyone can do about it now. The families without jobs that got laid off or shut down
should be able to get money to try and help them then since this was done,and if
Obama was the kind of President he states he is, then he should be able to get this
Municipal Utilities
There prices for an average person is way to High and they neither have the heart nor
the desecey to work with those of us.   Who try very hard to pay these outrages bills. And
yet still when they have meet the majority of that bill they our sill going to shut you off.   
And force you then to go in search for the rest of the money that they no you do not have
in other words make you go and beg for help that they our to indignit to give to you by
just adding it to your next bill.
But  I am thankful that the lord has continually made provision for me in this but it is
both controlling and demeaning that a company believing they have this kind of force
because they know you need it and can not do with out it.
And they our controlling you because of it and my concern is about those who are not
truly able to get out t beg for the extra money then what do they go out and enforce there
cruelty on them just because they can because they our the once with the product
we need many more electric company's in business so this indignity can not be done to
people and they will to appreciate there costumers how is that
treating the people that allow them there very salary.   I think some times it would be in
a very interest to go back
to living by coal oil lambs and wood stoves then we would not have to be so controlled by
others greed and in the long road in there own lives.  There will end up paying for how
you treat others will come back to you in the very end.  I would much rather have a heart
of compassion that a heart of greed.
Wanted to write in and ask people to speak out to city and state officials about the
way the tax votes work. It seems that when a city tax vote for poplar bluff comes to
ballot that only people that live within the city limits can vote on the proposal. I
don't understand why county residents have no say in this vote,,,it effects our lives
just as much. When we need goods or services,,,we cant stay in the county,,we
have to go into the city limits. The county residents do their purchasing in the same
places as the city residents,,,so why cant we have a say in the taxes that are
imposed on "everyone"? The butler county
residents of poplar bluff are more or less being strong armed into paying taxes that
we at the very least should have a voice in. I have voiced this concern to the mayor
of poplar bluff,,and the governor of Missouri in the past with no response from
either. I have come to the conclusion that it is going to take more voices than just
mine. I encourage yo! U to send a letter to the mayor/city manager (same job, 2
different people),and to the Missouri governor. The only ones that can change this
will be you.
Just wanted to say thanks for interviewing Coach Becky Hale and player Jackie
Griffin of the Neelyville Lady Tigers basketball team.  Neelyville is such a small
town that we kind of get lost in the background even though we have a very exciting
team this year (23-1 at present!)  Thanks for giving us a little exposure when we
know you are busy covering your own town's sports.  You do a great job.  Thanks
taxi service sucks
comments = Poor people having to wait for a cab up to 2 hours then cab packed in like
sardines try sitting in the middle on the hump with your head bent over and  hitting the  
top smelly people practically sitting on you. People can call city hall you know. If everyone
who s dissatisfied with pb cab service call city hall and sign petitions for better cab service
in poplar bluff mo signed on the hump psgr sitting next to smelly person's.
poor cab service  in poplar bluff and county
comments = i hope people will contact city hall city council about poor servicecab was
called on a saturday night and when finally got someone on phone was told only one cab
running and was 10 calls behind, man called in on your swap shop program to voice his
grieveances  about unfairness to poor people having to wait hrs for taxi and when finally
got a ride was put on their list of no pick up could not get back on phone to cancel people,
call city hall and report this stuff as taxi s are regulated by city hall lady wanted to start a
new  cab service and was told that city cab inc was running six taxis and another would
have to approved by the city council, she is hoping to get on the agenda this month to
show that another efficient cab service is needed good luck lady and dont take no for an
answer take your petetions and all the people you can to the meeting she has a book of
rules that prohibits refusal for pick up of ruly people [ep[le are about to lose their jobs
t cant ge t to work call the city managers of whover you have to to get the city of poplar
bluff back their taxi service thanks to jerry for steering them to city hall signed lady who
has to depent on cab service paying 18.00 per day
Paving  Cravens Lane
comments = Why ca't we get Cravens Lane paved , For years we have tryed to no avail. ,
This is a heavily traveled route to the industrial park  and out. ,We eat dirt all the time
and we are tired of it.Come election we are going to try for help. Hope you get the
subject = roadside grass
comments = I went up Ditch road going to the eastside and i noticed  the tall grass on the
roadside and in the ditches in front of cash's Drendas tax and all the businesses on up to
the video store does the city not mow anymore it looks awful
subject = new cab service
comments = we now have excellent cab service since the beginning of the new cab service
i can now get to work on time dont have to ride all over town and not crowded up the cabs
are clean and air conditioned what else can i say horry for sandy s cabs keep up the good
work sandy we love the service signed a very  happy  cab rider
David  Leemkuil
email = dvlmql08@yahoo.com
subject = Missing Amtrack Passenger
comments = My uncle, Andrew Haukereid  has been missing since last Saturday Evening ( May 19th,2012) . he is
79 years old, 5 foot 6, he was last seen late Saturday, May 19th on the "Texas Eagle" Amtrak train
traveling from Texas to Chicago  seen wearing black dress pants, a red tshirt and black dress shoes. He also had a
medium blue jacket with him. He is Caucasian, tan, and has curly thick gray hair and was wearing glasses. He may
have been confused or disoriented.At this time, we believe he may be in the Poplar Bluff, MO or Walnut Ridge AR
or possibly the Little Rock Area but could possibly be in the St. Louis area. Andy's sons,  Scott and Greg
Haukeried, are currently in the Poplar Bluff, MO  area en route to Walnut Ridge and Little Rock.
and may have more up to date information:
Please contact Scott or Greg, or your local police with any information

Scott Haukereid (815)790-0641
Greg Haukereid (804)397-9847

WGN in Chicago aired this story an Friday evening.

Please  read and share this story with your viewers,  and  forward Andy's picture to anybody that may be able to
assist with finding him.


We have also started a facebook page and will post any updated information as we get it. Please "like"
it and share it with everybody you know:

It has almost been a week since Andy has disappeared. Needless to say,we are getting desperate for answers.

On behalf of Andy's family,
Thank you very much.

David Leemkuil
E: dvlmql08@yahoo.com
Taxi cabs
comments = Sandy's Cabs of Poplar Bluff will be going back to city council not actually
protesting another cab service but only to show that another cab service is not needed, she is
now running 4 taxi s and has purchased a 5th that can be added to take care of extra volume of
business on 1st and 3 rd only time 5th cab needed except while one being repaired. She is not in
business to line her pockets  just to provide service needed . She will not get independent as only
cab service and will with all her ability provide efficient, taxi service

Signed a daily rider and good friend to Sandy's cabs